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Metco Motorsports is a highly-specialized CNC shop located in Anderson, SC.  Like most machine shops, we can manufacture a variety of items, but we are hardcore car enthusiasts and so we focus exclusively on performance parts.  Nearly every single one of our products arose from our personal experience modifying and racing a particular vehicle.  We tend to avoid mainstream parts already available from numerous suppliers, and instead focus on offering solutions for those with more specific applications.  We began manufacturing our line of performance parts in the late 1990's, with billet suspension components, custom-fit driveshaft safety loops, and valve cover breathers.  With the introduction of Ford's supercharged Lightning truck in 1999, followed by the Cobra and GT500, and then the supercharged performance cars from both GM and Dodge, we established Metco Motorsports as the premier supplier for performance supercharger pulleys, heavy-duty idler pulleys, and interchangeable crank pulley kits.  Now nearly 25 years later, we have almost 200 different part numbers in our catalog.  We also have a very, very skilled CNC programmer who understands how our parts will be used and what they will be subjected to in application, and he works to ensure that our parts fit as intended, last a long time, and look good doing it.   
Despite our shop's modest size and small staff, we have (6) state-of-the-art CNC machines, and a full complement of the necessary manual support equipment.  Please note that Metco Motorsports is not a factory and never will be, so while our parts take a bit longer to ship, you can be certain they were designed, machined, and assembled with extreme care.  

We are very grateful for the continued support of our customers over the years, and for those who support American-made products.  In return, we do our best to design and manufacture the best parts possible, and we proudly stand behind everything we sell.  


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