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Product ID: MTB0001
GT500 Throttle Body Adapter Kit
GT500 Throttle Body Adapter Kit

GT500 Throttle Body Adapter Kit

2005 - 2010 Ford Mustang 3V V8

An original Metco Motorsports design!

This cleverly-engineered kit is an easy bolt-on that provides dyno-proven gains in both horsepower and torque.  This comprehensive kit includes a brand new Shelby GT500 throttle body direct from Ford with twin 60mm bores, a five-axis CNC-machined billet adapter plate, billet mounting bolt bushings, and stainless steel mounting bolts.

Our kit is different from those offered by the competition in that our 1/2" thick adapter plate is engineered to exactly match the center of the throttle body bores with the center of the bores in the factory 3V intake manifold.  This task required very careful measuring, design, and five-axis machining, but the end result is a smooth, tapered transition from the large Shelby throttle body to the factory intake manifold mounting flange.  The adapter plate is machined for the included OEM-style seal for a factory-like installation.

The throttle body is purchased as a complete assembly directly from Ford, and as a result avoids the step of transferring existing throttle body parts to the new throttle body when an aftermarket unit is installed.  And because the throttle body is a genuine Ford component, the driveability issues associated with the installation of an aftermarket drive-by-wire unit are avoided.  The throttle body mounting bolt holes are slightly modified on our CNC mill to ensure a hassle-free installation.  

This part is an original Metco Motorsports design that is manufactured at our facility in Anderson, SC.  Unlike the inexpensive brand 'B' knock-offs, our part has been proven in independent testing to provide gains of over 10 HP at the wheels.  This is a must-have for any 3V Mustang owner!

Please note that the Ford throttle body assemblies included in this kit have modified mounting holes to ensure proper alignment.  If you prefer to modify your own GT500 throttle body,  the holes in the throttle body must be modified (enlarged off-center) accordingly. 

Note 1:  The large opening of this throttle body requires an inlet boot that will stretch to 5".  The stock Ford boot will not fit, although the inlet boots included with many aftermarket air intake kits will fit.  If needed, a black silicone transition hose (5" to 4.5", 3" long) is available from us for $19.99 to adapt this throttle body to your air intake system. 

Additional notes on fitment:  The silicone adapter included with most JLT air intake kits will fit the larger opening of the GT500 throttle body, although JLT Series 3 intakes may require our hose adapter.  Intake kits offered by C & L, Steeda, K & N, and Airaid will require the use of the 5" silicone adapter hose.  This throttle body kit will not work with the Whipple 2.3 supercharger.

Note 2:  In most cases, the vehicle's tune will need slight adjustment.  Additional fueling may prove necessary to compensate for the additional airflow of the GT500 throttle body.

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Price: $289.99
Out of Stock

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